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Magic Carpet Story: Troisième

After you guys award me with the “Least Consistent Blogger Ever” trophy, I’ll make sure to mention how two weeks in to my brand new weekly feature I managed to lose track of it and skip two weeks in a row. My most sincere apologies. I will try to get back on track next week. 

I know I promised you a full story, and so here it is. It was written while I was listening to a country song of which I no longer remember the title and/or artist. So if you can figure out which one, you win at being Kat’s mind.

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So Loved

I am so loved.

I sit in the sanctuary, taut and tired, a nervous wreck.

Erika comes to crouch by my chair, and begins to prattle on about wearing a wetsuit in the pool, wearing fins and a snorkel.

She makes me laugh, and my shoulders loosen.

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