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A Daughter’s Respect

Bones started up again this week! I didn’t watch it on the day of the actual premiere, but waited ’til the day after to watch it with my fellow Bones fangirl. She and her mom came over for supper on Tuesday and we plugged in the PC and watched away!

I couldn’t help but notice that my friend has a tendency of… I don’t know how else to put it, but she bullies her mother. The way she speaks to her mom is just plain disrespectful sometimes, and completely hurtful at others. You can see it on her mom’s face, the flash of pain before she stashes it away. You can feel it vibrate in the air before someone changes the subject. It makes for some very awkward moments and, for someone who was raised on a litany of respect her entire life, for some jaw-droppingly shocking scenes. Continue reading



Magic Carpet Story: Troisième

After you guys award me with the “Least Consistent Blogger Ever” trophy, I’ll make sure to mention how two weeks in to my brand new weekly feature I managed to lose track of it and skip two weeks in a row. My most sincere apologies. I will try to get back on track next week. 

I know I promised you a full story, and so here it is. It was written while I was listening to a country song of which I no longer remember the title and/or artist. So if you can figure out which one, you win at being Kat’s mind.

I hope you enjoy our long overdue trip on the magic carpet! Continue reading


Flying the Nest

My apologies for the long delay between posts, everyone! I’ve been rather busy what with packing and moving and unpacking and having no internet or appliances. So far today I got the Internet issue fixed, if not the lack of appliances. That should be rectified later in the afternoon. But I have a foldable camping chair and a foldable little table and a laptop and Internet. And so I make my triumphant (perhaps that’s not quite the right word) return to the land of Blog.

My new apartment is quite lovely, and I sincerely wish I could have the entire blog-o-sphere over for an epic housewarming party, but I’ll have to settle for my close friends and family and stick with merely “wicked awesome” as a descriptive.

Continue reading