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Magic Carpet Story: Troisième

After you guys award me with the “Least Consistent Blogger Ever” trophy, I’ll make sure to mention how two weeks in to my brand new weekly feature I managed to lose track of it and skip two weeks in a row. My most sincere apologies. I will try to get back on track next week. 

I know I promised you a full story, and so here it is. It was written while I was listening to a country song of which I no longer remember the title and/or artist. So if you can figure out which one, you win at being Kat’s mind.

I hope you enjoy our long overdue trip on the magic carpet! Continue reading



Whatever Path

This week has been bombarding me with images of couples, and thoughts of cuddling and kissing and happy endings. Magical moments and fairy tale stories have been thrust upon me for days. It’s been good for my mind, and maybe good for my heart, as well, despite what one might think.

I went through three stages, three ways of thinking. Continue reading

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Not Such a Bad Word

Sorry guys, but I won’t lie – this post was written for the fathers in my life. It is a by-product of it being Father’s Day and wanting to (I can’t find the word in English) souligner their worth to me. So thanks for reading; now go find a father in your own life to thank!

      It’s not a word I particularly like. Father. It’s not a bad word – but it’s not my favourite.

It is someone who provides for you.

It is someone who disciplines you.

It is someone who tells you what you did wrong and how to fix it.

It is someone who supervises.

It is someone who made you.

      But I’ve come to know that

It is also someone who ushers you in and listens to your dreams.

It is someone who gives you wise council.

It is someone who offers you a ride and an ear.

It is someone who pokes fun at you and winks when you frown.

It is someone who wraps an arm around you and has eyes wet with pride.

It is someone who offers a solution.

It is someone who brings a drill.

It is someone who tells you “Congratulations.”

It is someone who asks you, “Why don’t I get a hug?”

It is someone who tells you to dream.

It is someone who tells you that you are good enough.

It is someone who opens their home to you.

It is someone who loves you.

      Perhaps “father” isn’t such a bad word, after all.

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You Wield the Key

Lord, I’ve been praying to you about this for a few months now. At first it was abstract and occasional thoughts here and there, not even every day.

It would be nice to meet him.

After an afternoon of discussion that ranged in topic from hope to feelings of betrayal to faith to prayer to family to food to love, I began to pray in earnest. Continue reading

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Waves: On Leaving My Parents’ Religion

When I was a few months of age, my parents had me baptized according to their Catholic tradition. As a child we didn’t go to church. When I hit the third grade my mother insisted on having me do my First Communion. In the time it took me to have the classes done on Sunday mornings, I grew to love the atmosphere and the people. God was a distant, impassive entity who presided over me and my actions, keeping an impartial ledger of all my rights and wrongs. It was a heavy burden for an eight-year-old.

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I snuck a visit to church this week. I’m not allowed driving the car there, but this week I decided that since I was meeting a friend in a couple of hours in the area, I would stop there and have a nice little visit with my pastors in the middle of the week. Don’t tell my mom.

It was very reassuring to see that they were there for me as always, asking me if I’d eaten today, and knowing that my answer would likely be “no, I forgot to.” Continue reading