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Magic Carpet Story: Deuxième

Sometimes I like to write in French. It doesn’t happen ALL that often, but once in a while, I just feel really francophone. If I were to put up French writing, would any of you like to/be able to read that?

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Take It to Heart

I read late into the night yesterday. I turned off my ceiling light, turned on my bedside lamp, played some JesusCulture softly, and let myself slip into the world of Tortall for the very first time. I followed along as Alanna of Trebond, the young, female protagonist, passed herself off as a boy in order to learn the ways of the knights. I shook my head at her foolhardiness, and my heart swelled in pride at her bravery. And I agreed wholeheartedly when one of her teachers told her:

“Alanna, child, ye’ll be happy only when ye learn t’ live with who ye are.” Continue reading