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A Daughter’s Respect

Bones started up again this week! I didn’t watch it on the day of the actual premiere, but waited ’til the day after to watch it with my fellow Bones fangirl. She and her mom came over for supper on Tuesday and we plugged in the PC and watched away!

I couldn’t help but notice that my friend has a tendency of… I don’t know how else to put it, but she bullies her mother. The way she speaks to her mom is just plain disrespectful sometimes, and completely hurtful at others. You can see it on her mom’s face, the flash of pain before she stashes it away. You can feel it vibrate in the air before someone changes the subject. It makes for some very awkward moments and, for someone who was raised on a litany of respect her entire life, for some jaw-droppingly shocking scenes. Continue reading




When I read posts about street harassment and cat-calling like this and this, I sympathized, but I never felt I could really know what they were talking about. I hadn’t experienced anything like what these women were talking about. I just didn’t elicit that kind of response in men. Continue reading


Truth and Recognition

Wow, has it really been almost a month since I’ve posted something on here? I am a terribly inconsistent blogger, and you have my apologies for that. I usually try to get something up at least once every two weeks, but it seems like I haven’t been so successful this past month.

In order to remedy that, I have decided to do something that I’ve been turning over in my mind for quite a while now. Continue reading

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On Bathrooms and Bible School

I honestly don’t expect this post to make any sense, so if you can follow, I think you deserve to win a prize. I’m just letting my fingers loose after a long, short, tumbling, whirling, fun, funny, hard, pillow-soft, loving, lovely week. (And so it begins.) Continue reading


Whatever Path

This week has been bombarding me with images of couples, and thoughts of cuddling and kissing and happy endings. Magical moments and fairy tale stories have been thrust upon me for days. It’s been good for my mind, and maybe good for my heart, as well, despite what one might think.

I went through three stages, three ways of thinking. Continue reading

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Not Such a Bad Word

Sorry guys, but I won’t lie – this post was written for the fathers in my life. It is a by-product of it being Father’s Day and wanting to (I can’t find the word in English) souligner their worth to me. So thanks for reading; now go find a father in your own life to thank!

      It’s not a word I particularly like. Father. It’s not a bad word – but it’s not my favourite.

It is someone who provides for you.

It is someone who disciplines you.

It is someone who tells you what you did wrong and how to fix it.

It is someone who supervises.

It is someone who made you.

      But I’ve come to know that

It is also someone who ushers you in and listens to your dreams.

It is someone who gives you wise council.

It is someone who offers you a ride and an ear.

It is someone who pokes fun at you and winks when you frown.

It is someone who wraps an arm around you and has eyes wet with pride.

It is someone who offers a solution.

It is someone who brings a drill.

It is someone who tells you “Congratulations.”

It is someone who asks you, “Why don’t I get a hug?”

It is someone who tells you to dream.

It is someone who tells you that you are good enough.

It is someone who opens their home to you.

It is someone who loves you.

      Perhaps “father” isn’t such a bad word, after all.


Flying the Nest

My apologies for the long delay between posts, everyone! I’ve been rather busy what with packing and moving and unpacking and having no internet or appliances. So far today I got the Internet issue fixed, if not the lack of appliances. That should be rectified later in the afternoon. But I have a foldable camping chair and a foldable little table and a laptop and Internet. And so I make my triumphant (perhaps that’s not quite the right word) return to the land of Blog.

My new apartment is quite lovely, and I sincerely wish I could have the entire blog-o-sphere over for an epic housewarming party, but I’ll have to settle for my close friends and family and stick with merely “wicked awesome” as a descriptive.

Continue reading