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Words are Power

*Disclaimer: This post contains adult language. I use it to drive a point. If the use of this type of language offends you, please don’t read it.

Are any of my readers Bones fans? If you happen to be, then you know that Monday night was absolutely INSANE. I have a fellow Bones maniac at church, my dear dear friend (I call her Angie and she calls me Bones). Since her cell phone is on the fritz, we generally Facebook each other during the episode to share our mutual excitement and anguish.

Last night, after the season finale, I had no words (and, mind you, I still find no way to describe my sentiments other than what I came up with last night). What did I come up with, you ask? Continue reading


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To Boggle or Not to Boggle

A very large part of my job involves dealing with the public. It’s not face-to-face, but over the phone, which can make some things easier and some… not so much.

Before I continue, I should probably take a moment to explain something to you. My mind is my most defining feature. It’s both how I define myself and how others define me. If you ask people who know me to do word-association and say “Kat,” they invariably come up with some variation on “smart.” I am a thorough and logical thinker. Logic is way up high on my list of important stuff. Continue reading