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I snuck a visit to church this week. I’m not allowed driving the car there, but this week I decided that since I was meeting a friend in a couple of hours in the area, I would stop there and have a nice little visit with my pastors in the middle of the week. Don’t tell my mom.

It was very reassuring to see that they were there for me as always, asking me if I’d eaten today, and knowing that my answer would likely be “no, I forgot to.” Making me sit down at their table, pushing bits of their lunch onto a third plate and giving it to me, pointing their forks at me, telling me to “eat,” in that no nonsense tone that all parents develop. It was nice to know that I would be able to pop my head into my youth pastor’s office, and see him wave me in to sit, sit! To know that I could take him away from his work for over an hour and he would be eager to talk to me the entire time. To see how excited he was for me that my job search was making progress, and how much he missed me in the time that I haven’t been able to attend. Making me coffee, pushing me to have a tea, giving me that special smile. Letting me catch up on the material I’d missed in last week’s study.

That material is what pushed me to make this post. I watched the video twice, because it so resonated with me that I had to make sure I’d understood it properly, and to take copious notes.

It was the first video of Francis Chan’s Basic.We Are Church series: Basic.Fellowship. You can learn more about Francis Chan here. If you haven’t already seen it, suggest it as a study to your pastor/priest. I have only seen the first installment, and I will let you know how it goes, but what I’ve seen so far blew me away, and moved me to tears (which were dashed brusquely and impatiently away).

Mr. Chan spoke of how God did not design us to be alone; He made us to be a part of something. And this something is known as church. It’s not a building or an address, but a way of living. And it is exactly what I have been missing these past five weeks. The fellowship of church.

I am proud to say that, according to Mr. Chan’s description of church (as a family, one body, a temple; a fellowship not only of thoughts and ideas, but of everything; a place where followers of Christ offend each other, and promptly forgive each other, demonstrating to outsiders the love of God; as one collective heart and soul), my own church is very close. We fulfill most, if not all of those criteria.

Sometimes, my church is more my family than my actual family. Sometimes, I think I might be more devastated from the loss of my church than I would be from the loss of my family. Is that a terrible thing to think?

You’re my brother. You’re my sister. We need to live as such. We need to interact and see each other grow, and help each other up when we fall. I’m so happy to be a part of such a beautiful family. I hope you see that you’re a part of it, too. I’m here for you, brothers and sisters, whenever you need me. I need to be needed. I think we all do. I also need to need, and I think that is another universal desire. I should hope you all know that all you need do is ask.


Author: katmorrissette

I am just a girl who loves. Let me show you my world.

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