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Take It to Heart

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I read late into the night yesterday. I turned off my ceiling light, turned on my bedside lamp, played some JesusCulture softly, and let myself slip into the world of Tortall for the very first time. I followed along as Alanna of Trebond, the young, female protagonist, passed herself off as a boy in order to learn the ways of the knights. I shook my head at her foolhardiness, and my heart swelled in pride at her bravery. And I agreed wholeheartedly when one of her teachers told her:

“Alanna, child, ye’ll be happy only when ye learn t’ live with who ye are.”

And it made me think, how many people are unhappy because they don’t accept who they are? It made me sad that people can be so unhappy with themselves. And it made me hope to change that, one kind word at a time. Be it mentioning to one of my lovely friends just how lovely I think they are, or texting someone I haven’t seen in a while to show them that I think of them, or hoping that those of you who read this will understand just how beautiful you are, I hope to bring a ray of sunshine and self-worth into our world.

Tell me why you think you aren’t beautiful, and I’ll show you ten reasons why you are. You are God’s creation, and he loves you. Don’t you think that alone makes you glow with beauty and worth? We are born unworthy, but God makes us worthy through his abounding love for us. Never forget that. Maybe you’re unsure–you can feel that unworthiness keenly, deep in your soul. I’ve heard people tell me more than once: “I’m not worthy of God’s love. I’m not worthy of heaven.” It makes half of me want to gather these people in my arms and whisper words of love to them, and it makes the other half of me want to shake some sense into them.

We’re talking about GOD here. The Almighty Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, the one who was tortured, crucified, and died for us. Ring a bell? Where on earth, in heaven or hell do you want us mere humans to find anything that will make us worthy of such beautiful, selfless love? Nothing we do can redeem us. Only He is capable of that.

I hope to remind all of us why we should never forget our worth. God loves you. Once you have a grasp on that, once you have faith in that, everything else becomes secondary. And while I cannot say that I have fully comprehended the reach of all of this, and while I myself have days when I question, I hope always that YOU find complete and utter faith in God. And I will keep on giving out a kind word to anyone I think needs it, and hope that you take it to heart.


Author: katmorrissette

I am just a girl who loves. Let me show you my world.

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