The Song of All Songs

I'm just a girl who loves; let me show you my world.

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I snuck a visit to church this week. I’m not allowed driving the car there, but this week I decided that since I was meeting a friend in a couple of hours in the area, I would stop there and have a nice little visit with my pastors in the middle of the week. Don’t tell my mom.

It was very reassuring to see that they were there for me as always, asking me if I’d eaten today, and knowing that my answer would likely be “no, I forgot to.” Continue reading


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I Didn’t Love

I was involved with a boy this summer. It was romantic, because he was only here for a little bit, and he pursued me, and I let him catch me for a moment. It was sweet, because he was, too. It was lovely, because we walked through the trees and down to the water, and he kissed me by the swings.

But I didn’t love him. Continue reading

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I am starting this post without knowing what I want to say through it, or where I want it to go. I merely feel a need to express the extent of my disconnectedness. While I am not new to religion, I most certainly am new to a personal relationship with God.

Before I continue, maybe you need a little backstory. I’ll keep it short and sweet. I was raised a good little Catholic girl, and religion was a set of actions you made in order to “achieve” heaven. I grew into a curious Christian whose parents were dead-set against her new-chosen path. Continue reading

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Take It to Heart

I read late into the night yesterday. I turned off my ceiling light, turned on my bedside lamp, played some JesusCulture softly, and let myself slip into the world of Tortall for the very first time. I followed along as Alanna of Trebond, the young, female protagonist, passed herself off as a boy in order to learn the ways of the knights. I shook my head at her foolhardiness, and my heart swelled in pride at her bravery. And I agreed wholeheartedly when one of her teachers told her:

“Alanna, child, ye’ll be happy only when ye learn t’ live with who ye are.” Continue reading

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Glimpse: (n.) A brief or incomplete view

She sat at her desk, her book open and her music turned to a low murmur. The lights blazed because she always forgot to turn them off, and a glass of fruit juice lay, also forgotten, sweating by her elbow. She was completely engrossed, far enough into the book that, if anyone were listening, they might hear her breath catch as she forgot to breath. Continue reading